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, that deals with compatibility issues, land use issues. that actually can be done, we had to make many compromises and we bring them to you, and we hope that you have find that they were well-reasoned and support and adopt this plan. thank you. >> thank you to jim niko and the other speakers for providing that kind of background information, which i definitely would not have been able to provide. i am going to move forward with the more streamlined version of the nuts and bolts. obviously we would be available to elaborate or to answer any questions that you may have. but to begin western soma is part of south of market and that was essentially created in 1990 and mixed-use districts, which were somewhat new to the city. east soma is part of eastern neighborhoods, took part of this chunk of the western soma was essentially rezoned and replace the rest of the soma area. and we'll have that removed from the general plan. western soma will essentially plug into eastern neighborhoods, which was approved and became effective in 2009. western soma as you said was removed from that process i
, could staff look into that a little bit and give it -- maybe just give us a short, like a memo or something on what's going on with that. given that other entertainment seems to have caused some issues. and then under the building inspection, there was discussion and possible action -- i'm just reading this -- on a proposed ordinance amending the building code to establish mandatory seismic retrofit for wood frame buildings of three or more stories and containing five or more dwellings. could we also get some information -- okay, all right. >> in fact, on your advance calendar as a future presentation -- >> all right, okay, great. thank you. >> commissioner borden. >> yes, i would also -- i also got to know lou spadia. i went to the chamber in his years he would actually still come in. it was always such a delightful person to have around. people don't know what the bay area sports all of fame is, when you're in the united terminal at san francisco international airport, it has the plaques of the athletes. it's a great idea and a way to make our airport terminal very local and
, is that tenants will contact us with building repair issues that they have not been able to resolve once they have taken the first steps of you know, contacting their landlord and perhaps, even writing letters, etc. and we are able then to sort of help them navigate through the system and get in contact with dbi when we need to. and then, as jamie mentioned work with the land lords as well. we contact the apartment association in some cases and have them sort of work on the other end speaking to the landlord complying with codes and all of that. and we have had great success. the other thing that it allows us to do is a little bit of a more of a case management model. some of our counseling that we do it is really where we are only able to sort of do an in and out and advise them a little bit and send them on the way and with this, we are able to do follow up calls and we send out post cards saying has your issue been resolved and we will track the cases thoroughly. if the people are not getting anywhere, we are able to escalate through the dbi system if we need to or keep helping them work with t
>> welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee committee. i am scott wiener the chairman of the committee. to my left is supervisor david chiu, a member of the committee and vice-chair supervisor jane kim will be joining us momentarily. we did convene at 10:00 a.m. this morning and heard item no. 1, which we continued and then went into recess until now. so madame clerk, would you please call item no. 2. >> an ordinance amending the planning code by adding section 249.70. >> thank you. and item no. 2, the author is supervisor david chiu. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair and i want to thank you for scheduling today's consideration of a suded is at site of the pagato palace. the pagota theater site which has been a blighted site for almost two decades. by way of a little bit of background we have come a long way since this issue was first brought to our attention late last spring when hi office got a surprising call the same day as the first community meeting to provide details about the proposed construction
? >> [speaker not understood]. when it's a dry year for us in the hetchy system, it's typically a dry year for everyone, which means there's upward price pressure in the electric market. so, he yes, i would expect that prices would be higher. yes, we would have to purchase more. we would have to meet whatever our commitment was to our customers in terms of the level of renewables. 100% renewable, we'd need to meet 100% renewable in our purchase plan. we would need to meet the mix requirements as well for, you know, what renewable product consistent with state law. and, so, that would serve as the floor and you could exercise discretion beyond that as to what the mix would be. that would be how you could dial in the pricing that keep it affordable in a high wholesale price year. but it's all those moving parts that we need to be managing under a scenario where we don't have a committed price like the shell project, with the shell approach. >> um-hm. >> yes. >> if i could just go back to slide 5 just for a minute. >> sure. >> can you help me understand why we have a firm number in the first
recommended to us is appropriate. as well as the information that is of the appropriation going to the status of women was carefully vetted and discussed and i am comfortable in moving this item forward and looking forward to moving another project forward that talks about the additional appropriation and i wait for this this to be returned to the board and supervisor yee >> thank you. i also want to thank the community for actually help with this issue. and i guess one of the comments i want to make and i'll be sporting as it is sent back to committee. as i'm listening i understand the statute of woman support is necessary but what i feel has been silent in this and something for us to think about it's not just about legal services that we need to be concerned about. i was on the board several years and i saw domestic violence and even the organizations that deal with children particularly there is no resources were a lot of times the people's were caught in the middle of the two parties. so as we move forward we need to provide some resources for those types of services and supported the
recommends that you direct us to come back with separate legislation that would do two things. one, add two additional parcel that would be up zoned to 65 feet in a manner consistent with the market octavia plan. there are two additional corner parcels there that are not historic resources that we believe could be 65 feet. and then the second is to correct what we believe is an error within the nct whether it be 7 parcels that has a 60, 65 foot height designation and two that have a 50-55 foot height legislation. and that would be separate legislation initiated by you. >> great. well, if it's appropriate, i'd like to make a motion for approval. and i would just add the following things that i'd alluded to those in my conversation, that we would allow the provision for off-site full-service food service at other nc districts throughout the city that apply to the criteria here. and then we would remove the sunseting * for this specific instance here that was i believe in the original legislation. and the technical changes that ms. hayward could allude to later. and then the height changes fo
want to confirm something and clarify something. i think with this language, we started using light green and dark green here. i do not think we're using the same definition that marin uses. we're using -- we're talking about 100% renewable in both the dark green and the light green option. correct? it's just the rec mix that will differentiate the light versus the dark. * >> so, correct. what we've presented were a series of 100% renewable portfolio. >> correct. >> and i think folks fell into the language of how do you describe the sort of premiumness of the green products that makeup that 100%. in order to express the differentiation between a heavily bucket 3 100% renewable program versus a less, a 5% bucket 3 versus an 85% bucket 3. >> which is different from marin, correct? >> very different from marin. >> i agree with the public commenters who said the definition of light and dark green is different than how it's being used here today. >> i don't know if we need different language or what we need to do, but i think that's important to clarify. * >> we need different language.
forward before us today. just so the public knows that they are planning about a 25-30 minute presentation. i have 40 speaker cards currently here. so we're looking at about two hours. so i just wanted people to pace themselves and also let me know if you need to leave. but i just think a lot of folks have a lot to say, being that we have had eight plus years of work put into this. so i just wanted everyone to know what you are in store for. so without further ado, i will call up the planning department. i'm sorry. >> thank you, supervisor kim for the introductory remarks and before we get to planning i wanted to make a few initial remarks. i have been following this plan for quite some time back to before i was a member of the board of supervisors and i first want to just thank supervisor kim for her work on the plan. this is not a plan that was initiated when she was in office. and she has done an enormous amount of work on it and i am not envious for steping into a plan as controversial and complicated as this plan, but supervisor kim, i think, has done a very good job
is a development that is approved and under construction. it was a good project to use as an example and pull the numbers from. those are the numbers that would be generated. >> so that is almost slightly less than $500,000 reduction in transit impact fees. if you extrapolate that out, times it by 13 and obviously different projects range in size. some might be larger than that, some might be smaller. i calculate that as being approximately a reduction of $6 million in transit, ped safety impact fees and it's actually an overall reduction of $13 million, including open space impact fees as well. about $6 million of that would come from transit and transit-related impact fees. >> the only thing i'm not sure about there is we would have to look at the development potential site. obviously the numbers used for 900 folsom is a large site , but we could do a more elaborate analysis of those sites within western soma for information next week. but for this week, such an analysis wasn't quite possible. but based on those numbers, if you project that out, using 900 folsom as
action of the board of supervisors once that special use district goes into law, we'll be able to move forward with the demolition of the building starting within the next couple of months so that we can keep our original timeline, which you'll recall that was to have the shaft built in time for the tunnel boring machines which are set to arrive about 12 to 15 months from now in north beach. so, that i think summarizes what we have before you. i just want to thank the many staff and the mayor and the board president for their work to get this done, and happy to take questions either now or after public comment. >> we can certainly ask members of the public to come forward at this point. do we have some names? >> yes, for item 11 greg gi ber, howard wong [speaker not understood]. those are the first three. >> good afternoon, sir. >>> good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to speak here. just now and again at the january public meeting on north beach, director reiskin assured us that this boring site, this would only be for the removal of the tunnel boring machines. with that restrict
, that will be used to fund projects on an as-needed basis and the central subway, including the central subway project. we will ask for authorization for full 250 million. and that will allow staff to manage the program, the capital program through 2019, as an as-needed basis using the short-term cash management tool. let me pause for a moment and ask if you have any questions on the purpose or approach or use of a commercial paper program. commonly understood as a line of credit. >> and if i could just clarify, it won't fund the projects per se, it will help finance projects. the projects that we have funding for, but we don't have the cash in hand yet whether it's because we're waiting for a federal grant or next year appropriation, this is really rich, you know, gap funding or bridge funding financing that will allow us to keep a project moving in advance of the actual project funds to come in. as opposed to, say, the revenue bonds which we are borrowing money in order to put projects in the ground. >> director bridges? >> i'll interrupt you for a second. i was going to echo director reiski
the other commissioners here will have formed and commissioner will be here and chairing us. okay. >> okay. >> all right. >> we will discuss in the next couple of weeks. >> all right. >> is there any public comment on items 9 aor b? >> could i have a point of clarification if we were talking about the next meeting? because we postponed that abatement appeals with that one case today, we will have to meet again as an appeals board on that day, and could i, because it seems that we have a pretty full agenda all right. is it possible for us not to schedule other abatement appeals for that date? >> you mean the other ones in addition to that? >> right. because otherwise, we will be in the majority of the meeting will become the abatement appeals board. that is my concern. >> i am not sure but i will speak to the staff and the other city attorneys for the abatement *. i will follow up on that for you. >> okay item should be ten. it is the discussion and possible action regarding ongoing litigation. item 11 a. is public comment on all matters pertaining to the closed session. and item,
with disabilities and jessica is leading us into that work. i participate with the housing collaborative. that group has taken action on issues such as the [inaudible] evictions, a tax on rent control and lead the work of a collaboration that created a survey for sro residents on the needs of the seniors and those with disabilities in those buildings since for many sro's will be the homes where they age and place. that survey resulted in legislation introduced by supervisor eric mar to require both grab bars and working phone jacks for residents. it just passed unanimously in its first reading at the board of supervisors. we are very proud of that. sda also runs several sessions a year, sda university. participants are taught how to advocate for themselves and their community by letter, by phone calls, by speaking in public, by visiting legislators, and by turning out to public actions. i'm proud to be a member. jessica mentioned the general meeting? a. the next general meeting will be a town hall. i hope you call could come. i will leave you a flier. it's on saving social secu
francisco to be the leader in bicycling use >> thank you supervisor mar. i want to assure that the streets will save for all san franciscans especially for those who are on bicycle >> and this weekend i made my bicycle trip on the market south neighborhoods and i wanted to know first hand the use of bicycles in our cities. the capital improvement program represents all modes of travel in our city. so to look at just san francisco as a whole won't tell the whole story. recently, we applied for bicycles plans with the transportation authority. those 3 projects alone show improvements including millions of dollars in our bicycle network. i understand we applied for another million dollars for our city. those put together total millions of dollars in improvements and alternative the maintenance mount is projecting that their 5 year bicycling plan will increase of about 1 hundred and 18 percent. as you noted we have drafted the bicycle strategy and we know the improvement that are required to make san francisco a major city for bicycling identified in this strategy. lately i annunciated in my
used for. let me be clear i'm not prejulian this situation we're only trying to gather the facts. i'm committed to providing more affordable housing. in december the maintenance mount released it's reported on the san francisco police department over the proceeding 5 years and it showed that the intersection of market and the other streets it has the highest collision of bicycles in the city and i've personality been involved in two. sadly they've had more than their fair share. it also has the highest collision situations near market. we can't just call this a job well done and move on. affordable housing and traps are vital events we have to have in this city - people are - to greatly improve their lives. i'm very pleased that the sheriff department was awarded a grant under little second chance acre cover program. it will give the sheriff's department around $600,000 for helping people with p t s c. this program will help us reduce depends on drugs. i ask my colleagues to join me to give the sheriff's the fund they need >> thank you, madam clerk. just a couple of comments. first
is there is a demand by many businesses for the broader floor plates and it allows tech uses and other uses that need this kind of configuration to come to satisfy. and i know of another situation that's similar to this at the present time uop [speaker not understood] dental school is renovating a building that already has these broad plates on 5th street near mission. and i was a graduate of the earlier facility and i can speak to the difficulty that facility has in its present location because of the narrowness. so, it's not just tech, but other uses. it's important that we get broad floor plates. however, this has to be correct and i think the things they've done in terms of tower separation, bulk, are very much in keeping with the code. as was pointed out by mr. guy, because of the tdr sold by 6 20, 63 1 howard, there never will be another tower that they have to separate themselves from because even if that building were to be destroyed in a fire or some other manner, it could never be built to more of a height than it's at now because they've already sold their tdrs. and then the bulk, there ar
is that to the extent that the local build out is the reason people might sign up for us, we do have to recognize that for all of the unanswered questions that we have on this part -- this is the simple one. this is by comparison a piece of cake, both to analyze and to implement. much more difficult. the program that's been put forward for the local build out, this is a very aggressive program. how many -- what was the bond size? >> a billion dollars. >> a bill-dollar bond issue, thousands of small projects that have to be managed in a -- it's a very ambitious program. so that all of the difficulty we're having grasping just this first phase, if the first phase becomes dependent on the second phase, we have to get a lot smarter before we do that. because a lot of those questions frankly haven't been posed in a correct form yet let alone answered. >> that is to be continued. >> further comments? jason breed, i think you wanted to make a comment. mr. brookes? >>> mr. finestein and ms. ackerman. >>> jason freed laugh co-staff. a couple things i wanted to point out. i'd be remiss if i didn't remind y
the cafe floor has been a great member of the community. i think this is a way for us to get everything above and beyond and aboveboard, legalize it, make sure everything is right for the future. once that's done, everything seems like it would be a go. there's no problems after that. [speaker not understood] health considerations or anything along those lines at this point. and frankly, i think that we should just do this. i hope you guys agree with me. thank you very much for your time. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is ron schmidt. i wrote this letter to supervisor wiener and expecting that it be shared with you as well. i'm going to leave a copy here for you to take home. dear supervisor wiener, san francisco has been my home for the last 16 years. the castro my neighborhood, and cafe floor the soul of the castro. i can't imagine the loss of this venue. whether my mood is fair to midland and down, i find [speaker not understood] in this remarkable place. the barista know my order before i reach the register. [speaker not understood], delicious vegetarian soups, oil instead
resources. they also as i said before, continue to help us on the exam process for the rest of the positions that we are trying to hire which are some it positions and some senior electrical inspecters and our permit technicians. as we expected the non-personal services are under non-expending because we get a lot of the bills at the end of the year. and then, in terms of the other expenditures, you know we continue with our services of other department and we have gotten the billings for the larger work orders so this is the... the city attorney services have come in less than i expected so i am going to discuss with them on this because we have referred many cases to them and i am not sure whether those are being picked up. and then, our program expenses, you know, are so small that it would not make any sense to spend a lot of time on those. >> the other thing that i would like to mention is that we are heading into the budget process and it is being submitted on friday and as i mentioned last time, it is kind of at that point there is a lot of discussions between, within the mayor's offi
lee and his office. and the port of san francisco. and everybody who has conspired with us to make this happen. it's a great day for san francisco. i think often about the fact that one of the things that makes san francisco unique is that we can have a wonderful manufacturing company here making real products. tied to being the center of innovation. and they do it in a way that is very innovative. and here we are in a neighborhood that is a bustling neighborhood of technology and biotech with ucsf up the street. it's a pleasure to be a san franciscans in this day and age. in terms of our project, we are very excited about the fact that anchor represents the first major tenant and the kick-start to our mission rock project. to us it's the perfect partnership. we have been around a while, 1958. but that pales in comparison to anchor. 1896. as keith mentioned they are long-time partners with the giants back to candlestick park days. and anchor plaza was launched in 2010. and we won that year. and so we are going with a team that helps us win baseball games as well. this project is in
. we are still a small company. and knew that such an undertaking could be overwhelming for us. fortunately the support that we found from others was overwhelming too. everyone took on a can-do attitude. and i would like to extend my enormous gratitude to the ports and to the mayor's office for their help in getting us here today. and also to our friends the giants that value san francisco icons. these reflect the heart and soul of the city towards anchor. and for that i would like to thank all the people of san francisco for the huge support of their city's brewery. pier 48 will ensure our capacity and secure anchor's future. beyond the brewery we want san francisco to be a must-see traction to locals and visitors ali alike. adding to that we will have restaurants and museums. we are less well known for our pioneered history for brewing. and our capacity with pier 48 allows both brewing and distilling. we envision in the rock mission development that will take advantage of the water commerce with materials coming in and exports going out. where people can wander around peering
for the taxi industry. so, whatever direction they take will certainly be relevant to us. and that is all i had for my report. >> thank you, director reiskin. members of the board, questions for the director? [speaker not understood]. >> first, the police chief [speaker not understood], i know there is some informal kind of ideas from staff and other members of the community about incorporating some acsession i believe cycling events into those. it would be great to hear back if that is successfully being i am metctionved or kind of folded into those, wherever they belong. * implemented >> right. i don't know the answer to that offhand, but i'd be happy to get that information back to the board. >> great. >> members of the public wish to address on the director's report? good afternoon, stuart. >>> thank you, mr. chairman, board. mark gruberg, taxicab workers. regarding the cpuc rule making proceeding, i really feel that the agency missed the boat by not cracking down on these totally illegal services before the cpuc got into the picture. and now the the cpuc has given its interim blessing to
on issues we've voted on today but you can also make general commits not on issues in front of us. >> i'm sorry. and now that i want to commit on a family as they mourn the passing of they've over turning of a guilty verdict in their case >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is paul let brown. i'm here again, it's coming up open another year my son was murdered. 30s rounds of built left that gun and went into my son. i'm here and whatever i can be to bring awareness to members of homicide. my son is still gone. a lot of parents - i stand for a lot of parents who can't even do this. i will continue to do this. i'm in school now trying to get my alcoholic and other degrees. we're talking about trying to beware guns. our children are still dying, lying on the street and their blood going down the gutter. i'm tired of hearing about people's children getting murdered everyday. i relive this everyday and i walk out the door everyday looking at where my son laid. as i think about it i have to keep my son and other people's children in the public's eye. how long are we going to have
the legislation [speaker not understood]. after meeting with us recently he's expressed the term to buy the term of our agreement at that time. affordable housing and finding local tenants for retail space. he preferred that the fitness project be submitted to the planning department [speaker not understood]. and the kitchen has been cited by the health department for multiple violations. as he told the supervisor, putting these two pieces of legislation is not only inappropriate, [speaker not understood]. let us also be clear we love cafe floor. we've heard from many neighbors they love cafe floor, too, and they don't want it closed. neither do we. it is an important venue and neighborhood culture. [speaker not understood]. since that time he's been able to get multiple changes to the law. mr. weiss said that have increased his possibility, including the allowance of live music and granting of a liquor license for full bar. [speaker not understood] could be profitable without the kitchen across the street and transport [speaker not understood], a process we final frankly disturbing to watch and
you for listening to all of us. i'm lori thomas, the owner at 532 columbus, which is right on the block before columbus and union. i just wanted to reiterate what i have already told a lot of folks here and director reiskin, which is this is a difficult situation and i think the pagoda palace is the best alternative, as well as i can understand to minimize the disruption in north beach. during the period full time from august to the end of, nor when we had the utility work going forward, our monday to friday lunch sales dropped 25%. i would recommend that the city and mta consider some sort of rent credit for the co-located businesses, certainly on that specific block, perhaps. because it's hard to project all of the influences that affect drops in revenue; right? so i do want to say that i appreciate all the work that everybody has done to try to come up with a solution and if we have to bring the devices up in north beach, i think the pagoda theater offers the best alternative that i am aware of right now. but i do want to speak as a business owner and recognize that i'm
came over to puc, i brought it to the puc. and the whole issue was to really help us do small projects instead of doing plans and specs and going out and advertising, joc was the vehicle that you can actually perform that. and, so, we've been working, trying to include more local businesses. we went out with the -- we spearheaded the micro joc where it's a micro set aside for small businesses. and we've looked at bonding issues on joc. so, we've done a lot to really make joc, you know, palatable to a lot of small businesses. and what miguel mentioned, we are very proud about that. i think the issue, you know, as far as the audit is concerned is actually pointing out some things that we acknowledge and there are some thing we want to fix. there are some things we don't agree and we've said much that we don't agree, i think on one issue. but we i think -- we will take the responses of the contractors and also the gordon group and the ah auditor to make sure we address their issues. but i think overall it's a great program. it gives us the ability to do projects faster and save the rate p
carla. >>i would like to say thank you to come to speak to us today. it's clear to me that you bring that same commitment and passion and drive to this position that you brought to all of your other previous positions with the city and i think we're lucky to have you at hope. i would ask you if you can repeat the number one more time and i am sure people want to reach you415. >> -554-5646and bevan. dufty at sfgov .org and i have a team of three individuals that work with me. we love going to anyplace and invite us to come and see something or participate and i will share with director johnson information both about the cell phone life lines and ways that we can partner together. i think it's very exciting to do things together. i will try to think of individuals who have overcome adversity to be successful in programs that might be good to bring to your attention, and you can certainly help me in this work, and as i said just even if it's appropriate and you send a letter to chp to say that you have consistent advocacy around smoke free environments and supportive is a great thin
because they're waiting for one day to get their medallion. [speaker not understood], asking us to put -- push [speaker not understood]. in one hand -- >> thank you, yeah. >>> i'll wrap real quick. they gave medallion to driver who didn't put them on the list and then punishing [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. mary mcguire followed by bruce oka and then jacob madel. >> good afternoon, ms. mcguire. >>> good afternoon, mary mcguire, taxi driver. they are leasing the rent medallions to the cab companies. i'm concerned about how, how this will impact the service. now, it's a current standard of 8 wheelchair pick ups a month. that is not very many. if that is the standard, would that be for each driver or each medallion? and who is responsible for maintaining the standard applied to the ramp drivers themselves or the cab companies? currently the medallion holder is responsible for that. and what incentives would the drivers have to maintain this service, if they don't have the medallion any more? if the company is just going to hire lease drivers to do these -- to
might as well put it on those municipal buildings where it reduces the amount of energy use which reduce our loss. so, we're looking at balancing that versus go solar which you give rebates to private citizens. so, these are all the things that we're considering we need to talk with all stakeholders. >> what is the deadline to sunset on solar deductions? >> on the go solar sf program, it's currently concludes in 2018. >> i know you said 2018 for this program. i was referring to the state program in terms of -- >> there isn't a deadline for the california solar incentive. >> i thought -- so it's still in existence? >> it's still in existence. the dollar amount available ratchets down over time, but i don't believe it's projected to go to zero. >> okay. but pretty close? >> yeah. >> all right. commissioner vietor? >> i would be interested, since we are in the thick of the clean power sf conversations, to hear more specifically how this go solar program could be tied to go solar customers -- i mean, to clean power sf customers. and also some thoughts around kind of the marketing and framing
. it's a hotel that is a shelter and i think for us to see -- i think with the physical assets, all of the new buildings they are doing the mercy building. we should put the people with the disabilities in first and leave space it's we need to get smart and where people go and how people live in san francisco and we are a beacon in the light for the world in so many instances but we don't want to have the two tales of the city and people with disabilities in country and city and this is a great country as well as city and i am an advocate for myself and helps me live and you may not know i ran for mayor and i got a few votes. i think we spend too much money on politicians when we can make it easier. it's the elected officials that we have to all come out and san francisco is the city where people come and address things and get the world to look at, and my other thing is hopefully we will get a statute -- transgendered statute at treasure island and since we have the statue of liberty in new york and have a statue at treasure island and of peace and we fought off aids and marriage
advocacy, we encourage safe riding, to promote bicycle use in general and i also am adjunct professor of environmental studies of the university of san francisco, so that's also, it's outside district 5, but also an important part of the growing bicycle culture through our neighborhood and inner city, you know, i'm excited about this opportunity, you know, i'm eager to help the board of supervisors achieve their state goal of creating 20% of trips by bicycle by 2020 as well as finally live up to that 40 year old declaration of transit first which i think we have some work to do here in the city, so i'm happy to answer any questions that you guys might have. >> are there any questions for mr. fitzgibbons? >> [inaudible]. so, i just wanted to say thank you for accepting the nomination. when i found out that i had the ability to appoint someone to this committee, you were the first person that i thought of because of your activity in the district and evenbacker everything that you do centers around the bicycle community, and so having someone who's so involved in not only riding a bicycl
. >> yes, this train has left the station. >> yeah. >> it is happening fast, but a lot of us think, why? why did it take so long? again, a lot of thanks is due to the people in our code advising committee and a lot of people who have worked on this for many, many years and for some of us on the commission as long as we have been on the commission we have been talking about it. it is overdue and i am support of it as well. i am just concerned with a couple of things maybe that some of the legislators have not discussed and if they have, maybe they could let us know about it. one was we know that a lot of the buildings the main part of the construction is going to take place on the ground floor where it is mostly parking garage and things like that. but we also have some small businesses that occupy some of these spaces. and so this located a small business where there is a bar or a restaurant even for six months or a year, that is the depth of their business. they can't just go away and come back. and expect everything to be all right. so i was on wondering if there was any relocation an
. >>> so good for all of us. thank you very much. >> thank you. yes. mr. dicosta. >>> i wanted to talk a little bit about espinola jackson and the water system improvement project and the bond measure. may i take the liberty to first wish one of your commissioners on friday, it's your birthday and that's because you are my facebook. [laughter] >>> and i want to wish -- i want to express my deep condolances to karen cubic on the passing of her father. karen is -- karen, myself share something very deep and i appreciate her very hard work. now, having said that, on espinola jackson, you know that she is one of the last leaders left that can do what she does, you know. she does it openly and she's very forthright, and i appreciate very much on behalf of the whole community the bayview hunters point for what you all did for her today. and god will bless you for that. on the water system improvement project, we have accomplished a lot. and my only hope is that understanding what we did with the water system improvement project, that we bring forward the finer projects and apply them to the
us really going through everything and ensuring that we dotted every i and crossed every t and i know it was a lot of work for their staff. largely, the proposal would amend the municipal election code to incorporate the state law allowing the nomination procedures for city college and board of education for example to continue to be governed by state law but also changing some of the dates for the board of supervisors and for other -- our may yoirl race as well sx, also we made some other nominations according to the advice of elections, around the circulation of badges and filing fees, i would also like to ask the rules committee to consider making some amendments today, further clean-up of this legislation, one is to section 205 and this would push back the nomination deadline for all candidates to match those of the mayor and the board of supervisors so this would be by the 146 day before the municipal election, it also specifies the period by which the candidates and the mayor of supervisor may circulate their nomination papers. section 220 and 260 follow along the lines of this
act for us. the clerk's office has three items before you, the first is the area plan infrastructure committee, it was established in 2010 and sponsored by former supervisor soef fee maxwell, the response from the planning department indicated the committee has not yet in over one year, since this committee has not met in the last four years, it's fallen below the standard to continue and we're requesting you recommend the full board that we repeal this resolution, the next item is the neighborhood community justice task force established by ordinance in june, 2010, it was sponsored by supervisor david chu, since the passage of the ordinance, a vacancy notice has been put on the board's website, since july, 2010, however, no members of the public has shown interest during the last two and a half years and no applications have been received to serve on the bore, so this task force we feel has not met the required standard to continue, they haven't had their first meeting, there are no plans to do so and with the blessing, we recommend to the full board that this be dissolved. the fina
couldn't say anything to us, too. >>> no, i think we're just glad that the action is being considered and the recommendations are positive. appreciate it. >> we need a motion. >> yes, there needs to be a motion. is there any additional public comment on this item? then there needs to be a motion. >> commissioner walker? >> yeah, i move to take the recommendation of staff and reverse the action and not assess these. >> second. >> okay, there is a first and a second. i'll take a roll call vote. president clinch? >> yes. >> vice president melgar? >> yes. >> commissioner lee? >> yes. >> commissioner mar? >> yes. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yes. >> and commissioner walker? >> yes. >> motion carries unanimously. case no. 67 77 3, 13 16 to 2022 mariposa street. owner of record and appellant richard e. thomas. action requested by appellant, the appellant is requesting that the order be reversed and that he be reimbursed for the cost of this appeal. >> is there somebody from the department to present? >> yes, rosemary. >> oh, sorry. >> good morning, members of the board. rosemary goff, housin
that calls for the did i tension of u.s. citizens. membrane introduce myself i'm bill i'm a japanese american and for justice. during world war ii my family was removed due to executive order from 70 near the racetrack to end up on the indian reservation land. my - we ended up there because he had no trial, nor faced any charges wisp simply found guilty because of our race. my father lost his provides business and truck. and due to antijapanese people in san francisco we couldn't find a lawyer to defend him. he received no help from any community. i was born in the reservation and suffered skin rashes. individuals suffered because of the living arrangements and also from mental breakdowns. i could go on and on about the legacy of that camp and survivors but i ask that you repeal the support of this resolution. >> thank you. next speaker >> guilty of negligence supervisors it's an honor to be here. i'm a resident in the mission district and supervisor campos is my supervisor. i was glad to hear about the resolution about bikes today. a couple of years ago i was in an area and it was worked o
and keeping in the language with prop i said it would use the sale of the parcels. in this agreement it was also state that the remaining funds after all the transportation enhancements were done the rest of the money would go to other projects. along market street with all the new housing being built we're not accurately providing with the muni system. our muni system can't handle the new demands from this housing development. we need more funds for our declining transportation infrastructure. in connection with this hearing supervisor and i will be talking with the housing community in hopes of finding a resolution some type of middle ground so we can move past this dispute. i also have two tragic stories. we had an individual pass away at the age of 99. she was the highest raking
please standby for the city and county of san francisco land use and economic development committee continued meeting, february 25th, 2013.
>> good morning. i will call this meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee to order. i am scott wiener the chairman of the committee and to my left is supervisor david chiu, member of the committee and madame clerk, are there any announcements? >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices, and documents included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted uponed to will apea on the march 5th board of supervisors' agendas unless otherwise stated. >> i want to acknowledge and thank sfgovtv, who are broadcasting today's meeting. before we start i want for anyone who is here watching in terms of what is i think going to happen today. this meeting was noticed for 10:00 a.m. however there are two items, excuse me, there are five items, items 2-6 that we will take up at 1:30 p.m. so we will be calling item no. 1 now, and at the request of the lead author of the legislation, supervisor farrell will be entertaining a motion to continue the item, about the condominium conversion to con
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